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a show about smack

and the high school that loves it

Robert F. Smack High
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To put a stop to the debilitating addiction of thier favorite high school teacher, a band of plucky students form a Smack Club in order to illustrate his negative influence on their stock character dramedy existence. Thinking that seeing his beloved students shoot up the H will deter said teacher from ever again using smack, the Smack Club arranges for their teacher to catch them all in the act of heroin use. Sadly, the reverse effect occurs and an epidemic of junk addiction sweeps Robert F. Smack High School, rendering every last student and teacher a full-blown scagg addict and the name of the institution cruelly ironic.

Welcome to Smack High!!!!

Cornelius Swift- All American, All Around Cool Guy

Tiffanya/ Judd Kickles- Suave Jock Transvestite who is also head cheerleader

Scoop Scoopson- Overachieving Newspaper editor and slowly decaying student, wears fedora and 1930’s-40’s era reporter outfit

Dogface- Ultra Hipster Indie Kid, makes comebacks to and detests everything

Vampira Meyers- Goth Girl Feminist who becomes Cornelius’ love interest

Orphan Joe Erdlinger- Nerdy Goofball who becomes the receiving end of jokes, has disturbing knowledge of the mean streets

Mr. Carlson- Homeroom teacher and smack addict

Dean Rockhead- By-the-book Disciplinarian, spaz, and gender indeterminate