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Hey,    There is a brand new Raven community! it is part… - a show about smack

blu_eyd_boyAug. 3rd, 2005 11:09 pm


   There is a brand new Raven community! it is part Raven Symone fan club and part Thats so Raven discussion! The link is

puffy113 we hope you join!



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Date:December 11th, 2008 03:44 am (UTC)

Fashion Fantasy Game

If there are any tweens on this message board, you might be interested in trying The Fashion Fantasy Game. It's an online game where you can design clothes and sell them in a virtual industry with other players. Essentially, it simulates what the real life fashion business is like.

Here's how the game goes -- when you sign up, you can be either a designer or a store owner. You have a certain amount of Fashion Buckz (the currency in the game; think of Monopoly money) that you can use to buy materials and other resources. The object of the game is to be as successful as possible, just like in real life. Success is measured by how popular your clothes are or how much wealth you have.

There are also a lot of contests where players can compete to see who has the best designs.

Playing the game is free and is a great way to practice your business skills if you are really serious about entering the fashion industry. No real money is spent, so it is risk-free (unlike going to the mall, where you are compelled to purchase every pretty thing in the windows).

The game is available on http://www.fashionfantasygame.com/.