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dude he's raggin' on your cord - a show about smack

dogfacedidyrmomJan. 26th, 2005 07:31 pm dude he's raggin' on your cord

man, hs sux so hard core. i feel like smack high might have had some cred at some point, that that time is well and nigh. anymore, all the classes I should have in theory enjoyed are lame because no one wants to talk about anything. Learning's cool, i guess. but since we got everyone here shootin H, the teachers and students (and adminstration, and staff, and most of the busdrivers) are too smacked out to do anything. so anyway, since our classes don't involve any learning or anything, i figured i'd just cut class and do something else. not that i'm really interested in doing anything else, but the lameness of smack high is overwhelming.

so's i left at lunch to go to crack high. i mean, yeah, they're my mortal enemies and yeah, i hate them to the core of my being because they're our rival for some reason. but i mean school spirit is whack. i was over school spirit about three months before i started school. and the kids at crack high are so energetic! i thought at least they'd be up for some dancing or something (not that i'd dance, though. i think i enjoy music on a totally different plane altogether. but sometimes other kids dance and it's cool to watch or what have you). but when i got there they were all so busy spazzing and talking gibberish that i kind of realized that crack high was no longer cool either. however, while i was there i totally managed to swipe a kid's ipod. i wanted one, but since i spent all my money on supplies for/from smack club, i couldn't get one. but this kid was so busy sweating and yelling, i don't think he even noticed. score!

then i tried to buy some cigarettes but the clerk wouldn't let me cause i'm too young. laws are bogus. so i smoked some pot at my friend's house instead. then i went back to school to catch my last class and hit up smack club, but dean rockhead busted me! not for the pot or stealing or anything, just for skipping class. but when i showed up for detention, mr. carlson was passed out in a pool of vomit, so i went home to work on my hair and score some new belts. both for looking cool and for tying-off.

so yeah, today was totally lame and boring.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: whatever's on this crackhead's ipod

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